Online Commerce & Shopping

There are undoubtedly many people out there, surfing the web, looking for your products.  Through your online store, is the only way they will be able to choose to buy from you.  Imagine having a retail location that is open 24/7 in every community in the world...yet you pay rent and wages for only one small location.  That is what it is like to sell products on the web.

Our Custom Cart

Using our QuickCart we can convert your existing website in to a fully functioning, automated shopping cart system. With front-end functionality like search, browse by category, secure checkout, Paypal or credit card processor integration, live UPS, USPS and FedEx integration for real time shipping and much more this is a great way to show visitors to your site that you are an established business. Customers will shop with confidence when they encounter a shopping experience that is parallel with the major online retailers.

The back end administration area, which is secure and password protected, lets you not only manage inventory, orders, customers and much more, but helps you manage your business. Inventory can be added, deleted and edited on the fly with just a click or two. Categories and product variations can be managed as well. You see orders processed in real time and once they are shipped automated emails with tracking links are sent to the customer without any additional work on your part. Invoice/packing slip printing, reports, and more are all included with our shopping cart system. The best part is that everything is completely customizable and configurable to your business so it works for you the best it can.

Out of the Box?

As much as we like to work outside the box, if you have a shopping cart in use on your current site(whether it came out of a box, or not), and you are happy with it, we can most certainly integrate your current cart into our redesign of your website.  We will customize the product as much as possible to re-create the look and feel of your new site within your shopping cart.  We want your site to work for you, be the best business tool it can be, regardless of how we make that happen.