Is it ok if I have never been involved with a website project before?
Of course! Luckily, we have done this many times.  You will be working with an account manager who will walk you through the web design process from start to finish.  Your account manager will be your go-to person for all your questions and will explain all you need to know about web design over the course of the project.  The "need to knows" are very minimal because of the comprehensive service we provide.  You are always welcome to be as involved in the process as is comfortable for you, but not required.

How long will it take to get a website designed and developed?
In general, we operate on a 4-8 week timeline, starting the date we sign a contract for a basic website project.  We provide more detailed timelines in every proposal based on the requirements of your website and our current work load.

How much content should I provide for my homepage?
Neat and clean websites are what is current, for today.  Look at Google's homepage and you will understand.  However, Google doesn't have to worry about fighting for search engine positions for it's pages!  The rest of us do, and one way to win the fight is to provide homepage content that will tell the search engine exactly what your site is about.  It should be succinct, but should touch on as many elements as necessary.  As a general guideline, with design issues aside, somewhere around 450-600 words should be your goal.

Do I have to have Magical Productions provide my hosting in addition to the website work?
We will host a development version of your site, as we are building it.  When it is time to launch your site, choosing a hosting company is up to you.  Many of our web design clients choose to leave their site hosted with us because we do offer 24/7 technical support and 99.9% up time, at a very competitive price. 


What type of hosting plan should I obtain?
If your website has a content management system, shopping cart or other tools that require storage of a database, look for a plan that will accommodate those needs.   Sites with eCommerce or which will be transmitting private customer related data will also need a SSL Certificate.  This is required to assure encryption of this data as it is in transit.   Your account manager will give you the specifics of your hosting needs.

Will Magical Productions assist me with my website after it has been launched?
We are here for you.  We stand behind our work and will continue to work out your bugs after the website has been signed off.  If you need changes or updates made to your site which fall outside the scope of our original contract, we are happy to provide a quote for another phase of work or provide updates at our hourly billing rate.