Mac Mail Connection Issues

These are typicaly issues we see with many clients when attempting to connect with Mac Mail to our mail servers. These issues can show themselves randomly, over time, since one of the specific settings works to modify the mail server configuration within Mac Mail automatically and those changes usually break the connection. Please pay specific attention to the settings shown in the images below.

Tip 1: Make sure the box to "Automatically detect and maintain account settings" or alternatively called "Automatically manage connection settings" is not checked! This box will likely show in two locations, one for incoming (POP/IMAP) and one for outgoing (SMTP). Leaving this box checked in either location will continually change settings incorrectly.

Tip 2: Connections should be set to plain and not HTTPS/TLS/SSL or secure, the "Use SSL" box should not be checked. Our shared mail servers do not support HTTPS connections by default. If you require HTTPS connections you should be using dedicated or VPS servers. Please refer to our configuration guides to understand which port numbers you should be using for non-SSL connections.
Tip 3: Passwords should be set to be sent as "Plain Text" or the Authentication should be set to "Password" and no other method of encryption.