What are my email settings?

These basic, generic settings work for all of our hosting accounts. If you need specific information you should contact our support representatives.


Settings listed here are for example only. Please be sure to replace this example text with the proper information for your site or server.

We can not possibly provide settings for each unique cercumstance. Any competent computer technician should be able to use the settings below to configure your desktop email software or mobile email client.

  • Incoming (POP3 or IMAP) Server: mail.YourDomainName.com
  • Outgoing (SMTP) Server: mail.YourDomainName.com
  • Username: email@YourDomainName.com (enter your actual email address)
  • Password: provided when during account setup
  • Outgoing / SMTP Authentication: Enabled
    (same as incoming, should be "plain" or "password" if that is an option in your email program)
  • Outgoing (SMTP) Port: 587

Usage of IMAP or POP to check your email is a personal choice you must make. Click to read more on which choice to make, POP or IMAP.

Any other settings should be left alone or default for the most part. Anything related to SSL or different kinds of encryption or security should be set to either "off", "no", "plain" or "none". With shared hosting accounts these options are not provided. If you have a custom VPS with unique email hosting (which you would be aware of) then these settings may differ. If you aren't sure, then you most likely don't have this.

Alert: Continued, successive failed attempts at trying to login to ANY email account on our hosting service will cause your IP address to be automatically blocked from our system. This block will be removed automatically after sufficient time has passed without a failed attempt (generally within 60 minutes) or during normal business hours you can call our support team to have this block removed. Typically this is presented to you in the format of an error message from your email client which should state something to the effect of "Error 500 (or Error 550) Server denied request"

If this an emergency or after-hours you can press "9" once you are connected to our phone system for immediate, emergency and priority support. If you choose this option and you are not a VPS or colocation hosting client (you would know if you were) you will be billed our hourly rate for the call. This rate is $120/hr during normal business hours, $240/hr after hours and holidays. A minimum 1/2 hour charge will be in effect.