FTP Website Access

What is FTP access?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Just like you use a program like Outlook, Microsoft Live Mail, MAC Mail, etc to check your email you use a client software like FileZilla to transfer files back and forth between your computer and our web servers. This is the method you use to edit files that reside on our servers that control your website.

How do I access my FTP site?

Generally your FTP connection information is provided to you when you signup for our hosting service. If you do not remember or did not get your information these are generally our FTP settings:


These settings are examples, you must replace all of the information with the proper details that pertain to your account.

FTP Server Address: ftp.mydomainname.com

FTP Username: mydomainnamecom (notice the missing period)

FTP Password: unique and provided to you at the time of signup

If you need help with the above information please contact our support team.