IMAP versus POP

POP3 is very much a standard in checking email where email is pulled from our server and stored on your computer. This means each time you check email new messages will be removed from our servers and stored on your computer only.

IMAP is a method for checking email and syncronizing your computer (or any other device) with our servers. All maill is stored on our servers and each device which connects (including webmail) will syncronize with the server. This is the preferred method if you are using multiple devices however you will need to account for your email storage on our servers.

Which one should I use?

The choice is completely up to you. Here are some pros and cons of each to consider:

  • With IMAP messages are stored on our server. We backup our servers nightly and can restore data in case of a server problem. However, this also means that email stored on our server while using IMAP will count towards your total disk space usage limit per your web hosting plan. Most often this is what causes clients to have to upgrade their plans. So if you use IMAP make sure you purge your deleted items and remove large file attachments to conserve space.

  • POP downloads messages to your computer so you have the option to backup and store as much email locally on your computer as you like and will never have to worry about filling up our servers.

  • Our webmail system uses IMAP, so if you also use IMAP your messages will be synchronized at both places (online and in your email client). However, if you use POP you can still use webmail to check the server for new mail if you are away from your computer.

  • If you use IMAP it is highly advisable to have ALL devices that check mail on your account setup to use IMAP. Otherwise the device(s) using POP will download all email from the server and the IMAP device(s) will end up empty.