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Small Business Websites: Your Customers Are Online…Where Are You?
Today nearly three-quarters of U.S. homes have Internet access. With the incredible potential of such a huge marketing arena, every growth-oriented small business needs to have some kind of online presence. But if you’re a smaller business and you have no experience launching your own small business website, the prospect can be daunting.

Many small business owners as asking themselves a key question: “Can I really afford a website?” The answer to that question is an emphatic, “Yes!” In fact, you really can’t afford NOT to be online.

Online business has created big business for many small business owners. Once your company has its own website, you’ll find the benefits are very real. More than ever, consumers – including your current customers and prospects - are looking to the Web as their primary source for all kinds of information.

The biggest benefit from an online presence is enhanced customer perception. Just like having your own business cards, letterhead and other marketing materials, a website provides an added level of professionalism. More and more, a strong website is becoming the key currency for showing consumers you are a significant player in your field. On the contrary, have you ever looked online for a local business or a specialized company you need to contact, only to be disappointed when you couldn’t find a website? Then you know the frustration that your own customers and prospects experience when they can’t find your company online. People will only go so far in tracking down a business that doesn’t seem to want to be found.

Another benefit of getting your business online is what can be called the 24/7 brochure effect. In essence, your website gives you an opportunity to promote and sell your product or service 24 hours of every day - without spending any direct time with that consumer. When they are online, many consumers find themselves in a comfortable environment and state of mind… ready to hear what your company has to offer. In the long run, a simple website is much more cost effective than any other advertising you will ever do.

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