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Can Your Business Afford It’S Own Website?
Last month we spoke about the benefits your business would derive from having an online presence. The most common question that follows is “How much will a website cost?” Luckily the answer is very simple: It depends.

What do you want your potential customers to see online? Do you need to have a logo created or do you already have one in use? Do you need a photo gallery online to showcase your work? Do you need any special functions on your website that are essential to your business operating online? In most cases a business can easily get online for under $2000. While this may seem like quite a large sum to smaller businesses, think about how much you could potentially spend on print advertising (phone book ads, magazines, etc) in two years. A basic website should have content and design that can last at least two years or more. So this initial investment will definitely pay off in the long run.

When you are ready to go online make sure you choose a development company that is responsive in all facets of communication. They should be:
• local or easy to get a hold of
• responsive to your wants and needs but still able to give feedback on what is best for you
• available to provide a free and detailed estimate of what your website will cost
• show you samples of previous websites that they have done
• above all else, easy to work with

The more you plan ahead and the more you have thought about what you want before you start talking to any web development company, the less work they have to do and in turn the more money you save!

As with any other service you choose for your business make sure you like who you are working with!

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