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I Have A Website, Now What? Web Marketing Is The Answer.
So you took our advice, found a great web development and design company to make your website come to life and now you’re sitting in your office, staring at your computer screen and thinking “Now what?” It is time to think about web marketing.

How do your current customers find your site? More importantly, how do your potential customers find your site? You can launch a site and hope that someone finds it, or you can be proactive about it and hedge all your bets. As a small business owner, we know which option you want to take. Let’s take a look at one option right now and over the next few months we’ll investigate two others.

What better kind of advertising than free? So use all the options open to you and get your site found. Web marketing begins with everything you put out for your business. Every piece of existing advertising material should have your website address on it. Business cards, brochures, signage, magazine ads, physical store fronts, t-shirts, etc. Never lose an opportunity to let potential customers know where they can find you online.

Any time you can lead your potential customers to your website in lieu of some other form of advertising material, you save money. With the low cost of obtaining a website, the magnitude of web marketing tactics and the extended longevity of most websites keep you from having to reprint brochures as often or replace other marketing materials as frequently.

Next month we’ll look at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a way to kick your site up in search results!

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